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Vanilla Server updated to 1.10 and online, Skyblock has been shutdown. [For now]

Jun 29, 2016 - 3:05 AM - by DragonMasterNYC
DragonMasterNYC's Avatar
So it's that time again, I've switched out the servers and we have our original server back up. The map was not changed, and everything is exactly as you left it.

I have had to remove the Chair plugin due to incompatibilities with the update.

MCMMO, Lockette, Essentials & Dynmap was updated to their latest versions.

The server can always be reached with mmo.uaclan.org. No port needed its default.

Please make sure to update your game to at least 1.10.2 if you haven't done so already.

Later guys,
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FTB Infinity Evolved is back and now with Skyblock.

Apr 12, 2016 - 7:30 PM - by DragonMasterNYC
DragonMasterNYC's Avatar
It's been a few months since we've seen the FTB server and now it's back with the same world. Plus we now have a FTB Skyblock server to add to our list.

Both servers are whitelisted so if you want to join please have one of the Admins add you if you aren't already.

FTB Infinity Evolved - ftb.uaclan.org:25567
Please enable Chicken Chunks

FTB Infinity Skyblock - ftb.uaclan.org:25565

See you ingame
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FTB Server Updated to 2.3.5 and some news for our players.

Jan 17, 2016 - 11:11 AM - by DragonMasterNYC
DragonMasterNYC's Avatar
index.jpg I've updated the FTB server to version 2.3.5. There server should be a little more stable as this update fixes some of the issues surrounding the server locking up.

Please make sure your version matches before joining.

Coming soon to a chunk near you.

2016-01-17_09.56.49.jpg Soon everyone on the mainland will have RF brought right to their door. Everyone is welcome to jack into the grid and enjoy clean free RF, but don't forget to give back or there won't be any left.

I'll be running transmission lines out to everyone's location, doesn't matter if you've got a starter shack or a complex. Just drop the coordinates here or leave a note at my complex and I'll scope out a path to your place. Now if you're off the mainland, don't worry, all you'll need is 2 Tesseracts to send and receive RF.

Now for those that live in or around a town or complex, we'll need to coordinate where your substation will be built. Don't worry I can fit it into your theme if needed, as long as it can house everything.

RF Power stations are welcome and I'll gladly connect them to the system. As well as RF storage systems, but remember it's always good to use a capacitor bank at your place in case of a black out.

More updates will follow as I build out my complex, which at one point may serve as spawn for the server and a safe zone for players. If not it will definitely be a hub that players can come and go to almost anywhere in the world.

See you in-game,
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New TeamSpeak 3 Server

Nov 15, 2015 - 4:09 PM - by DragonMasterNYC
DragonMasterNYC's Avatar

I got a new TeamSpeak 3 server for us yesterday. The details are below and status banners across the site have been updated to reflect the changes to our voice chat.

You can join by going to ts.uaclan.org:12777

Have a good one guys,
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November News

Nov 12, 2015 - 5:16 AM - by DragonMasterNYC
DragonMasterNYC's Avatar
Hey guys, it's been a while since we've announced anything, so it's time to actually update everyone.

No, we are not dead, just busy. I started a new job a month ago, so I've been slightly out of it, but I'm still putting things in the works. Assassin has been working in the background, but he's not gone so don't count him out. If it wasn't for him we would not be here, or even have a place to come to in reality. Static is, as always, working hard on something new for you guys, but he'll make an announcement in the future. Mega and Trinity have been taking care of things, while I've been away for the last few weeks, as well as keeping an eye out for something new.

The Minecraft server looks down, but because we flip between FTB Infitniy and Vanilla RPG server the status banner is unable to show correct status. We will be working towards having both running 24-7 on separate ports to keep our status banners current and not misinform you. We will also be opening them up more for everyone to play on in the future. The vanilla server will have a new set of plugins running it after I've finished testing, which hasn't exactly gone well, but that's why we test things before they go live.

We've also been playing in GTA:V since launch on the PC, and we do have a crew set up on the Rockstar Social Club which you can find here. It is currently set to invite only, so you'll need someone on the crew's list to invite you. Please don't harass the current members for an invite.

TF2 is still being played by some, like Mega, so if you need a TF2 fix hit him up. I'm sure others will pop up again if enough people are playing.

There are many other games that we are in, that I haven't listed here, but I'll try to make a list of games in the future for everyone to check. Also, we're always looking for something new, so suggestions are welcome.

Mumble has mostly been unused and really was only a place holder. Trinity, Mega, a few others and I have been chatting in a server outside of Mumble since it doesn't have everything we need to operate. I've been mulling over the idea of buying a server in NYC as it is the central point between our players. We have people from many places pop in every so often so we need to consider everyone's location. We don't have people just joining from the States and Canada, we never really have since our friends come from many places. I've truly been stuck between Teamspeak and Ventrilo, but after talking with Mega, Trinity, and a few others over the past week, I think Teamspeak is our best bet. I will announce the server url and port after I've decided on a host, as they are not all created equal. We don't need that DDOS mess we had with our last host.

Last, but not least. I've finally updated our forums to the most current version available today. I know there's much to be desired, but like I've said before this all takes time. Assassin and I, when we can, will be adding things here and there, but additions to the forum are not exactly high on the priority list right now. I do plan one day changing our theme, but as of right now I still haven't found a suitable theme for us.

So Assassins, where ever you may be, it's time to truly start anew. We can and will rebuild this place to the best of our abilities. We already have an amazingly strong foundation, which I thank all of you for.

See you soon,
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