Since not many people play on the server, some have recommended to me that I change it to a trade server. People seem to like those and I think its what should be done. But since i dont play much tf2 or tf2 outside the server, I don't really know what makes a trade server work well. So im asking you what should be done, whether it be different plugins, map changes, whatever, Please tell me and I can add it. I think most poeple that join the server just want to mess around and not fight anyways.

I was thinking about how Id like to integrate the plugins and have thought of making a plugin where someone can designate themselves as a friendly or someone that doesnt want to fight and while they are freindly, they can use all plugin features and cant interfer with players in the other mode, Battle mode. This is where you couldnt use any features that would give you an unfair advantage in a fight. I can pretty easily make a plugin to do this if I want, so its not a problem and I have already started something like it. I also have been working on some new maps that should only be used on a trade server cuz of the size. I can also edit the current MarioKart map to accommodate the trade server change. I also dont really like using maps that other servers use, Id rather keep it using our maps.

So give me your suggestions and ill see what I can do. Thanks!

--- Update ---

I would also like to add that I am planning on a Minecraft map for the Trade Server. It could be multiple maps. So if you got a nice map that would work well as a trade server, let me know, I can transfer it into a tf2 map. Ive been meaning to work on one, adding alot of nice features, but have been way too busy with everything to even attempt it. I could take your ideas or maps and make them into one and put it on the server. The biggest thing with making minecraft maps is the amount of brushes, they can only be at max 8200 or so. I can turn things into models and further optimize it so it works if I need to, so send me your maps, if you got any or going to make some, and I can maybe add them to the server or mix it in with another map.

--- Update ---

this is a model of piggy I fully made in blender and animated, I was going to use him to let players become him in a map or any other entity but tf2 charactor animations and scripting of them is a bitch. Maybe in a later map.