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Thread: FTB Server Updated to 2.3.5 and some news for our players.

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    FTB Server Updated to 2.3.5 and some news for our players.

    index.jpg I've updated the FTB server to version 2.3.5. There server should be a little more stable as this update fixes some of the issues surrounding the server locking up.

    Please make sure your version matches before joining.

    Coming soon to a chunk near you.

    Soon everyone on the mainland will have RF brought right to their door. Everyone is welcome to jack into the grid and enjoy clean free RF, but don't forget to give back or there won't be any left.

    I'll be running transmission lines out to everyone's location, doesn't matter if you've got a starter shack or a complex. Just drop the coordinates here or leave a note at my complex and I'll scope out a path to your place. Now if you're off the mainland, don't worry, all you'll need is 2 Tesseracts to send and receive RF.

    Now for those that live in or around a town or complex, we'll need to coordinate where your substation will be built. Don't worry I can fit it into your theme if needed, as long as it can house everything.

    RF Power stations are welcome and I'll gladly connect them to the system. As well as RF storage systems, but remember it's always good to use a capacitor bank at your place in case of a black out.

    More updates will follow as I build out my complex, which at one point may serve as spawn for the server and a safe zone for players. If not it will definitely be a hub that players can come and go to almost anywhere in the world.

    See you in-game,
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