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Thread: List of Melee room rules.

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    List of Melee room rules.

    These are some of the rules of the melee room. Follow them no matter what.
    1. No guns, This includes anything in slot one. However taunts are allowed.
    2. Items like Bonk, Crit a Cola, Mad Milk. Sandvich, Jarate, are allowed as long as they don't directly harm the enemy player.
    3. No med guns . Only the Quick Fix is allowed and only between rounds. Not during battle. The Amputatur Taunt is allowed at any time due to you being open for attack while doing it.
    4. Sandman balls are allowed.
    5. When your underwater you can shoot anyone that's under water as well. No shooting into the melee room while under water or above the area.
    6. Even if someone shoots you. Don't shoot them back. Let an admin know that they are using guns and they will deal with it.
    7. Demoknights are allowed. Targe/Spleded Screen is allowed along with Wee booties. All forms of swords are allowed.

    These rules may change at any time without notice.
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