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New IP for TF2

Dec 03, 2013 - 6:36 AM - by MegaSuperGeneral
MegaSuperGeneral's Avatar
This is the new ip for tf2 . We are now running on a different host and so far it seems to be running a lot better than the previous server. If you encounter any problems the server please contact one of staff.
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New Minecraft Server!

Jun 16, 2013 - 2:09 AM - by static2601
static2601's Avatar
OK, So I got a Minecraft server running 1024mb ram, located in Chicago. Its open for anyone that wants to come in. It's completely Vanilla right now running on a default world. Ive built a house acrossed the river from spawn to the right, up the side of a hill. Feel free to take shelter there use the supplies in the chests and modify the house if you plan on living there.

Rules are simple:
1. Don't grief players stuff or take without permission.
2. Don't destroy the land if you don't have to.
3. Replenish supplies you take.
4. Don't leave doors open for enemies to get in.
5. Respect all players and ops.

Ill be adding mods later and rules are subject to change at any time.

Server: uaclan.mc1.beastnode.net

There is no white-list, but may be one in the future.
The current world may be restarted since its only a start world right now, you will be notified of any changes before they happen.
Please let me know if your planning on playing in the server so I know who everyone is.

That is all for now, please keep listing mods and stuff you'd like to see added. I will try and do my best to keep it up to date.


Originally Posted by static2601
I was wondering how many of you would play on it if I got a Minecraft server. We used to have one but the server had to be shutdown and the world was lost. It was a survival RPG server with some other mods, I don't recall exactly which ones, but some where to give you your stuff back if you died, rpg for leveling up and getting perks, no explosion damage like from creepers or TNT, griefing protection among others. I will get one if people will play it and Ill set it up with whatever mods you'd like to see. I would rather not run Feed The Beast or any industrial mods, but that's just me. So, tell me if you'd like a server and what mods you'd like.

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NEW MarioKart Server Ip, Moved to Chicago.

May 19, 2013 - 1:06 AM - by static2601
static2601's Avatar
The new server IP is

It was moved due to unfixable lag spikes many of you may of experienced. So far the new server seems to be pretty stable, had 26+ players on last night with no noticeable lag. there was a little from the map but that will soon be updated and optimized to run as efficiently as possible. Come join us and remember to favorite the server!
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New TrackMania 2 Stadium Server

Mar 09, 2013 - 6:15 PM - by static2601
static2601's Avatar
I have stopped this server a while ago, I dont have time to do anything with it right now. I need more maps and until then, I will keep it down. If people show more interest in it then i may bring it back online. Thanks.
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Clan News

Mar 08, 2013 - 9:57 PM - by Trinity
Trinity's Avatar
Many of you may not know this but DragonMaster moved within the past month. At the current time he doesn't have access to internet so therefore will not be around. The server for Minecraft and the forum has been housed at Cold Assassin's house. Sometime possibly this weekend or during the coming week the Minecraft server and forum will be shutdown and the files transferred over to Dragon. Since Dragon doesn't have access to internet the forum and the Minecraft server will be down for a period of time. Chances are when the server is back up and running it will not be on the current world that is being used. Our server has been a Bukkit server with lots of different plugins. Bukkit is notoriously slow at updating which is frustrating for everyone. We are looking at going with a modded server using a Feed the Beast modpack. The managers would like to know what you guys think about this change in our minecraft server. For those who use mods what are your favorites? We are currently looking at using the Direwolf20 modpack. It is possible to add extra mods to this pack with relative ease.

Since the forum is going to be down for indeterminate period of time a Facebook page has been set up so any information can be release. We are also going to set up a Twitter account. If anyone can think of another social media site we can set that up as well. So far as I know Ventrilo will still be running. There is also Skype for chatting as well which many of us use.

I just want to thank everyone in advance for your patience at this time. UA is still very much up and running and in no danger of shutting down anytime soon.

UA Management
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